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Sindicato Único de Trabajadoras Domésticas Filial Rocha – Rocha

(Domestic Workers Trade Union, Rocha chapter)


The Domestic Workers Trade Union (Rocha chapter) is an organization that works to promote and defend the rights of domestic workers on the outskirts of the capital city of Rocha. The organization has been doing this work since 2008.


One of the organization’s main areas of work is to spread awareness of the law that protects domestic workers in Uruguay.


The goals of the organization include educating women about their right to fair wages, demonstrate public with other women in the region in favor of women’s labor rights, sensitize women in the general public about the value of the work of domestic workers, influence public labor policy in the country, and incorporate women domestic workers new to domestic service in the discussions that happen on different levels.


Agrupación María Goretti – Montevideo

(María Goretti Group)


Nine women domestic workers started this group in 2011, but its members individually have a long history of working to defend and advance the rights of domestic workers in Uruguay. Today, the group plans to build upon what has already been accomplished from a democratic union standpoint, but to speak for themselves.


Uruguayan domestic workers have achieved many legislative victories that are unprecedented in the region through both personal and collective efforts, including a new law in 2006, the incorporation of the tripartite collective bargaining process in 2008, and at the beginning of 2012, achieved the ratification of the ILO Convention No. 189. 


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