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Welcome to the website of the project “Building an Agenda on Women’s Labor Rights, Bringing Together Domestic Workers and Women Workers of Garment Factories and Textile Workshops.” This project is a partnership between a coalition of international women’s funds, networks, and movements that work on behalf of women’s labor rights in Mesoamerica and the Southern Cone of Latin America. 


We invite you to explore, contribute to and become a part of the efforts to create an agenda that will contribute to increasing the visibility and the strength of the women’s labor movement.


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Central America: Salaries in Central American maquilas fall below the poverty line


The majority of workers employed by Central American maquila factories receive salaries that not only fail to cover workers’ overall needs and those of their families, but do not even cover the costs to meet their basic food needs. This is the main finding of a recent study, conducted by the Commission for the Verification of Codes of Conduct (COVERCO) of Guatemala, the Independent Monitoring Team of Honduras (EMIH), Professionals for Corporate Social Auditing (PASE) of Nicaragua, the labor rights expert Sergio Chávez from El Salvador, and the Maquila Solidarity Network (RSM) of Canada. The 32-page study titled, “Una aproximación al salario de vida en el sector maquila en Centroamérica” (“Towards a Living Wage in the Maquila Sector of Central America,”) shows that even though the right to a dignified salary is guaranteed by the constitutions of the four Central American countries, the governments in each country have established minimum wages for the maquilas that are below the capacity needed to purchase the set of basic goods and services needed for a family, also defined by these governments.

Regional Report: Respectable work and gender equality
*Policies for improving access and the quality of employment for women in Latin America and the Caribbean. 
Women insist on better salaries in the maquilas*

Nicaragua shows advances towards better salaries for the maquila sector, but there is still more to be done to achieve a living wage salary, notes Lynda Yanz, of the organization Red de Solidaridad de la Maquila (Network of Solidarity for the Maquila), that defends the labor rights of women.


*A maquila is a factory run by a foreign company that exports its products to the country of that company.

Trabajadoras de casa particular de Latinoamérica se reunieron en Santiago
Desde el 11 al 13 de octubre se desarrolló en la ciudad de Santiago, el Encuentro Latinoamericano de Trabajadoras de Casa Particular, cita en la que participaron dirigentas de 46 organizaciones provenientes de 13 países de la región. El objetivo del encuentro fue construir una agenda conjunta hacia el 2015 con el fin de promover la articulación política de las organizaciones y sindicatos de trabajadoras domésticas, del hogar y/o de casa particular.
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